Raghad Resres

  How Our Experiences Could Serve as Art, 2023

“How Our Experiences Could Serve as Art” is a workshop that aims to delve into women's lived encounters with the architecture of East Amman, focusing on the unofficial Palestinian refugee camp "Mohammad Amin." Through artistic methods such as drawing, dancing, and exploration of the artwork “Swept Over the Rug,” 2023. This exploration has been done in collaboration with a group of ten women who reside in the camp. And it was carried out in cooperation with:

Ruwwad Al Tanmeya Foundation, Jordan.

The architect and dance expert, Randa Abu
The Syrian architect and artist, Khuloud Hifzy.

Supported by Arnulfska Scholarship Travel Grant - University of Gothenburg.

Whispers in Concrete: Exploring Women's Stories with Architecture, 2024

In collaboration with the Syrian architect and artist, Khuloud Hifzy, the workshop “Whispers in Concreat” is designed to explore women’s embodied encounters with architecture using artistic means like motion-based exercises, collage, and a weaving methodology developed by Khuloud for her thesis. The workshop is particularly aimed at working with women residing in marginalised and refugee communities in Sweden, with a focus on Hammarkullen.
The workshop is supported by:

  • Hammarkullen Folkets Hus. 
  • Blå Stället Kulturhuset.
  • Carl Olsons stipendiefond, 2023.