Raghad Resres

Sewing the Room, 2024 
Live performance. 20 mins, fabric map 250x150 cm, sewing thread, sewing needle
Sewing the Room is an experiential performance where I sew my body and the audience's with the very fabric of the room itself. Through this act, I am aiming to disrupt the social and physical boundaries of the space, inviting the public to question the impact of social architectural challanges of a space and how they affect bodily experiences. The performance reaches its climax as I sew my feet onto a fabric map representing my hometown in East Amman. This gesture spatializes my personal experience with social constraints, extending it beyond its context and transforming it into a tool for critiquing different social constraints that restrict bodily motion in other environments.
The performance also incorporates a sound projection, beginning with amplified breaths and ending with soothing lullabies traditionally sung by Arab mothers, aiming at extending inner bodily experience to the physical space.This sound piece has been developed as a collaborative work with the Syrian artist Alqumit Al-Hamad. 

Artwork commissioned by Carl Olson’s stipendiefond, 2023.

Photo credit to Peter Nylund 

Photo credit to Salma Afash