Raghad Resres

Out Loud Conversation,
Voice and video projection, conversation, 30 mins
Gathered on a rooftop in Mohammad Amin refugee camp, individuals from diverse backgrounds—Jordanians, Palestinians, Sudanese, Iraqis, and Syrians—came together to express hopeful visions for 2047. Our voices, amplified through speakers, resonated throughout the entire neighbourhood, reaching the ears of fellow camp residents. Our aim was to spread optimism across the camp, concluding 2020 on a positive note in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Out Loud Conversation is a response to the global arts festival "Projection Art Festival Project/Forward 2047," commissioned by Microgalleries. This festival highlights artworks of resilience, hope, and imagination from around the world, focusing on unconventional public spaces in Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Colombia, and Peru. 

Artwork Commissioned by Microgalleries 

Out Loud Conversation, 2020
Voice projection, conversation, 30 min