Raghad Resres

Raghad Resres
(b. 1996) is a Jordanian research-based artist of Palestinian descent, currently based in Sweden. She operates through feminist spatial practices. Her works address issues related to gender, power dynamics, and social constructs within physical spaces. She particularly invested in women's embodied relations in marginalised areas and refugee contexts, which are intricately linked to and influenced by the social and political consequences of refuge and colonisation. 

Raghad works mainly with sound and light projection and explores themes of motion, perception, and sensory bodily experiences. Her artistic practice lies at the crossroads of conceptual art, theatre, and performance. Her art has found a platform in multiple international and national venues, including  Hammarkullen Konsthall (2024), GIBCA Extended (2023), The KUNO Biennial (2023), Dar Art Fair (2022), and Micro Galleries (2020). 

Raghad holds a master's degree in Fine Arts from The University of Gothenburg, Sweden. And a bachelor's degree in Literature and Cultural Studies from The Hashemite University, Jordan. In her latest research project, Hidden Dimension, Raghad has been investigating the invisible sphere of social constraints that manifest in archerecture, and how these affect women’s bodily experiences and their perceptual sensitivity to bodily movements. 

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Photo credit to Alqumit Alhamad